Maternal Exposure (don't forget the lunches)
Folded sheet lead with embossed 1/8 type, cast glycerin, hand written wall poem by Zofia Burr.
Installation dimensions variable;
bags approx. 11 x 5 x 3''

Sibling Dance (I won't let you go)

Video Projection, 5 minutes


Click to Read Poetry by Zofia Burr

Slides 1-2: Mobius, Boston, MA
Slides 3-5: Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
Slides 6-9: Artworks! at Dover Street, New Bedford, MA

Maternal Exposure (don't forget the lunches):
Inspired by the daily ritual of exposing one's children and one's nurturing skills to public scrutiny, this piece consists of 418 lead sheet bags embossed with school and day camp lunch menus packed for two young children in the course of a year. The lead bags spread across the floor in one half of a space in the order the original lunches were prepared. Inserted intermittently, 88 small lead sheet plaques replace lunch bags and announce sick days, snow days, holidays - days when no lunches had to be made. As vunerable counterparts to the protective yet poisonous lead bags, 428 cast glycerin soap bags accumulate on the floor in the other half of the space.

In one version of this installation, hand written wall text by poet collaborator Zofia Burr explores the meanings of maternal nurturing, both what is given and when it is withheld. In another version of this installation, "Sibling Dance*" is silently projected large and askew in the corner behind the mass of lunch bags

Sibling Dance (I won't let you go):

Her presence behind the camera apparent, a mother discloses scenes of a young brother and sister seen together dancing on the verge of conflict, and separately in the throws of tantrums. The narrative is paced by the panting breath of a woman in labor and the cries of children in fury. At the end the voice of the mother
("I won't let you go") and cries of a newborn repeat in the dark.



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