n.paradoxa, 2010

Article by: Springgay, Stephanie
Title: The Lactation Station and A Feminist Pedagogy of Touch
n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal
volume 26, July 2010 Feminist Pedagogies (2010) pp.59-65 
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This article examines the place of affect in feminist pedagogy through discussion of Jess Dobkin’s The Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar and Monica Bock’s Afterbirth, and Postpartum Miniatur, contemporary artworks that use “private” matter associated with the maternal body to evoke sensations of disgust. Stephanie Springgay writes: ‘How might we think outside of the perfect ethical relation – the mother responding to her child over her own needs – and instead think about how that coupling relationship, the coming too close, creates other ways of thinking and being in difference. This, I will argue, is the basis for a feminist pedagogy of touch, which would enable us to rethink experiences triggered by disgust’.

About Author (at time of publication)
Stephanie Springgay is an Assistant Professor at The Ontario Institute for the Studies in Education, at the University of Toronto