“Trading Post: Exchange and Sojourn”, 2019

“Trading Post: Exchange and Sojourn” is a collaborative exhibition project initiated by Chotsani Elaine Dean, with Monica Bock, Undine Brod, Jill Foote-Hutton, and Dawn Holder, all of whom inspire each other through parallel art practices that engage ceramic media with narrative content. In preparation for the project’s debut at Northern Clay Center (NCC) in Minneapolis during March/April 2019, the artists shared our histories and our studio work through nine months of correspondence using thematic stationery handmade by Dean. The resulting exhibition embodied our focus on valuing process, preserving experience, and responding to material. Contributing work from international residencies and home studios across the U.S., these five artists sojourned together away from their outposts to create an exhibition experience shaped by the traveler’s impulse to pick-up and bring-back in fair and equal exchange.