Soft Touch, 2006

Soft Touch, 2006                                                                                                         

Cast iron, cast porcelain, painted wood

Installation dimensions variable; blocks @ 12″x12″x12″

Twelve iron casts of a small girl’s hand rest on foot square painted wood blocks. Each hand touches a plain female peg doll, slip cast in porcelain and jointed with white embroidery thread. The installation reflects on moments of reversal when a daughter’s strength surpasses that of her mother.

Soft Touch premiered at Soho20 Chelsea as part of “Soft Touch/Wondering Eye”, a collaborative exhibition with the artist’s father, R. Darrel Bock, who offered a selection from his life’s work in art photography on the surrounding walls.


 “Soft Touch/Wondering Eye” exhibition catalog, with introductory essay by Zofia Burr