Soft Touch, 2006

Soft Touch, 2006                                                                                                         

Cast iron, cast porcelain, painted wood

Installation dimensions variable; blocks @ 12″x12″x12″

Twelve iron casts of a small girl’s hand rest on foot square painted wood blocks. Each hand touches a plain female peg doll, slip cast in porcelain and jointed with white embroidery thread. The installation reflects on moments of reversal when a daughter’s strength surpasses that of her mother.

Soft Touch premiered at Soho20 Chelsea as part of “Soft Touch/Wondering Eye”, a collaborative exhibition with my father, R. Darrel Bock, who offered a selection from his life’s work in art photography on the surrounding walls. 


The exhibition catalog, available for download below,  includes a preface by the artists with essays by Zofia Burr introducing the collections of work.  In addition to  work in the exhibition, the catalog surveys my previous work, including collaborative performance installations with poetry by Zofia Burr and choreography by Julia Mayer.



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