Mamaphonic, 2004

Mamaphonic: Balancing Motherhood and Other Creative Acts, ed. by Bee Lavender & Maia Rossini. Soft Skull Press. Nov. 2004. c.284p. illus. ISBN 1-932360-64-6. pap. $14.95. SOC SCI

“For all our supposed advancement since previous generations, the societal duress implicit in our concept of the “good mother” seems to linger. In perhaps no other. tension between the self-sacrifice of motherhood and the need for self-actualization felt more strongly than in artistic and literary pursuits. This theme-along with that of the practical obstacles and unexpected inspirations of creating while tending to one child or more-is repeatedly but not repetitiously examined in this collection of essays, practical guides, poetry and illustrations edited by writer-mamas Lavender and Rossini. The pieces are as varied as the nature of the art created by their authors, including dancers, artists, photographers, writers, singers, and ‘zine creators. Still, a sense of honesty, passion and, yes, intense motherly love is apparent throughout. Highly recommended for both family/relationship and arts and literature collections.” -Kay Hogan Smith, UAB Lister Hill Lib., Birmingham, AL

“Don’t Forget the Lunches…” by Monica Bock & Zofia Burr