A Collaboration
Site-specific installation,
The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA
Installation dimensions variable


After creating Margin of Safety at the MCA in Chicago in 1992, a collaborative of six School of the Art Institute MFA graduates* created an untitled site-specific installation in the Mattress Factory's Monterey Street Space in Pittsburgh. Walking though the installation one encountered a periscope with waterfall view, windows sealed with ceiling coffers, sun light glowing through a resin door, a waterfall hidden behind a handrail, duratrans window blinds duplicating street scenes below, waterfall sounds behind a diminutive closet door, and finally an iron balcony rail facing a corner horizon line of grass scent. These elements transformed aspects of the building's architecture to invert inside and outside, and reveal the elusiveness of boundaries of habitation. (*Monica Bock, Mary Carlisle, Cathy Lynn Gasser, Melissa Goldstein, Sandrine Sheon, Catherine Smith)


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